Therapy Immersion Retreats


Dedicated Time for You…

The space you need to go deep…


My new favorite way to work…

Sometimes an hour can feel like an eternity and sometimes it goes by in a flash. What would happen if you had all day or all day for three days to explore the inner workings of your mind and the stories held in your body?

That is where Immersion Therapy Retreats comes in. We immerse ourselves in your inner work for 1-3 days. This gives us the time to explore deeply and at your own pace. We can work on pieces of your work that feel big and overwhelming or pieces that want a lot of space and extended holding.

What I love about Therapy Immersion Retreats:

  • The expansiveness allowed for the work when time isn’t the limiting factor

  • Things can take the time they need to be explored and held

  • The space to follow the threads that emerge

What Is a Therapy Immersion Retreat?

We meet in a beautiful location for one to three days. Each day we spend 6-7 hours together with time for integration and supportive space around our work time. We talk, we may use art, we may move or walk, we may use card decks or crystals, we go where the flow of the work takes us. It is a co-creative therapy experience.

Intensive Therapy Retreats offered for established clients. Call (425) 765-6208 to make your first appointment.