What past participants have to say about

Taming the Bear:Taking the Bite out of Stress


“Before taking Taming the Bear I felt that my adversarial relationship with stress was causing me to avoid opportunities for deeper personal relationships and full enjoyment of my career. I have tried several paths to change this including counseling and meditation. The integration of the 7 tools into these practices gives both a powerful structure and process to handling my stress. 

I have learned to pay attention not only to my thoughts about a matter, but to how I am experiencing that matter in my body.  In Taming the Bear we learned to invite that feeling to take me to its roots.  I have been able to apply this technique on my own and continue to develop new insights, which allow me to let go of painful things from my past.”

- A health care professional



 “For many years, I’ve been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder.  I carry a lot of tension most of the time. I take medication for anxiety and have gone through psychotherapy with a number of psychiatrists and psychologists over the years.  

Grace helped me stop fighting my own thoughts and feelings and practice actively accepting them and forgiving myself.  I hadn’t realized how much I was resisting and rejecting my own internal voice.  Telling myself repeatedly that I shouldn’t feel a certain way wasn’t helping me to release negative feelings.  Instead, I was unintentionally reinforcing them.

When I remember to practice the tools, I feel calmer and more centered.  Even when I fall back into old thought patterns, I feel less distress, understanding that there are steps I can actively take to feel better.

With kindness, patience, and empathy, Grace helped each of us in our group to explore our feelings and habitual responses to problems and to go a little deeper with each session.   She went beyond explaining the tools she was teaching intellectually, and helped us “practice” using them to resolve specific emotions and issues.”   




“Grace is an insightful and caring counselor who is well versed in the 7 tools and is able to connect with each member in the group in a way that makes use of the tools personal and meaningful.”




“In taking Taming the Bear, one not only invests in their own better future but becomes a part of a group of individuals who grow together through a common understanding of themselves and a desire to relate in a healthy way to their loved ones, careers and life events.  Grace’s calm and caring leadership style makes this growth and group development possible.”

-Anonymous, 59-year-old